Environmental impact assessment, environmental management, sustainability and climate change adaptation are the core environmental services offered by Rhelm.  Our people are well qualified and have experience that ranges from minor works and residential subdivision EIA to meet regulatory approval requirements through to leadership and management of complex EIAs for high profile and trans-national projects to international standards.

We offer the following services:

Environmental due diligence (e.g. for site acquisition or disposal).

Preliminary Environmental Investigations (e.g. for site selection or for route selection for linear infrastructure).

Environmental impact assessment (small or large across multiple jurisdictions).

International Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) to relevant standards (IFC PS, Equator Principles, EBRD PR, ADB and WB safeguards).

Environmental management plans (Investigation, Construction, Operations).

Preliminary environmental audits.

Environmental risk assessment.

Sustainability assessments.

Climate change impact and adaptation assessments.

Independent peer review (IPR) and Independent verification (IV) services.

Expert witness services.

Complementary services offered by Rhelm that may be required under any environmental impact assessment or management plan, include:

Stakeholder consultation (see Engagement).

Flood impact assessment (see Engineering).

Water quality monitoring and impact assessment and construction/operational monitoring.

Biobanking advisory services.


Rhelm has experience in providing advice across a range of industries including transport (road and rail), mining, oil and gas, hydropower and energy, residential development, heavy industry, waste and maritime infrastructure.

Project Management

Rhelm has experienced project managers, particularly in the development and delivery of EIAs/ESIAs. Our team has managed EIA delivery of projects ranging from AUD10,0000 to AUD8 million. Our team can add significant value to any EIA development project.