Rhelm provides engineering services in the key areas of water resources, coastal management and project management. Our team works with you in developing innovative solutions and outcomes to meet your needs.  We provide senior personnel who will work with you collaboratively on your projects.


Water Resources

Rhelm’s team of specialists are highly regarded in the water resources industry with over 50 years of combined experience.  We work with a diverse range of clients, from private and public sector, as well as aid funded projects.  Rhelm’s team have been at the forefront of technical development in the industry, providing leading research for various domestic and international conferences, and providing key input to leading industry documents including Australian Rainfall and Runoff. Our team has worked not only with Australian clients, but extensively throughout the Asia Pacific, and are experienced in a range of different climates and applications. 

Rhelm provides specialist services in a full range of water resource areas, including:

Flood Analysis and Modelling & Floodplain Management.

Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Water Quality Modelling and Assessment.

Integrated Water Cycle Management.


Coastal Management


​Rhelm’s team of specialists look at coastal management starting from the processes and people through to coastal management programs that seek to take account of the engineering, environment, economics and engagement.  Our engineers, scientists and economists offer a wide range of services, including:

          Scoping Studies

Coastal Data Compilation and Analysis.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement.

Coastal Hazard Assessment.

Coastal Planning.

Coastal Management Options Identification and Analysis

Economic Assessment of Options.

Risk Assessment.

Coastal Management Plan and Program Preparation.

Our team has experience across a wide spectrum of coastal environments including the open coast, ICOLLs, other types of estuaries and nearshore and offshore projects (including Deep Sea Mining and its effects on the coastal zone). 

Project Management

Rhelm has experienced project managers, both in environmental and water resource related disciplines, as well as in large infrastructure design projects.  Our team has managed projects ranging from consulting values of $150,000 up to $3 million. 

We are not just project managers, but engineers and scientists who have a solid understanding in the different disciplines.  We communicate effectively with a project team, and coordinate with the team to ensure a collaborative approach that ensures the best possible outcome for a client.

Our projects range from the management of floodplain risk management studies in Australia, environmental impact assessment globally and the management of road infrastructure and bridge infrastructure design projects in PNG and the Pacific.