Louise has over 20 years’ experience in environmental impact assessments, environmental licensing and management, water resources, coastal and floodplain management and stakeholder engagement in Australia, PNG, Indonesia, Solomon Islands and Singapore.


Louise is a chartered professional engineer (CPEng, NPER) with registrations in both the Civil and Environmental colleges.  She is a Member of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand.


Louise has comprehensive experience in a range of sectors including linear infrastructure (road, rail, electricity, pipelines), site-specific infrastructure (ports, water/wastewater, waste management and resource recovery facilities), Defence, mining, LNG and land development. 


Louise is passionate about sustainability in design and design incorporating adaptive planning and features to address climate change and human factors.  By making these aspects a priority for projects at their genesis, many aspects of the environmental impact assessment and stakeholder engagement process can be more readily addressed. 



Engagement and Engineering

Emma is passionate about applying science to environmental management. She understands the importance of both applying proven scientific methods and engaging critical thinking to find new and innovative approaches to managing our natural resources, minimising environmental impacts and reducing risks associated with natural hazards.

Emma specialises in floodplain, estuarine and coastal processes, applying her skills to the management of hazards, environmental protection and human uses. Emma also has a keen interest in the application of geomorphology to the management of erosion and degradation of streams.


In her undertaking of engineering projects over more than a decade, Emma has seen the importance of effective consultation. Through experience and training Emma has become a respected engagement practitioner, bringing together both the technical environmental knowledge and engagement skills to communicate ideas and information effectively. To ensure best practice in community and stakeholder engagement, Emma is accredited in and is guided by the Core Values and Code of Ethics of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2).

Flood studies and floodplain management. Specialising in community engagement associated with these studies.

WSUD and water quality.

Streambank restoration.

Climate change assessment.

Riparian corridor management.


Management of coastal hazard.

Estuary management.

Community awareness.



Environmental impact assessments.

Environmental monitoring (water quality).

Approvals and permits.



Community, agency and corporate engagement.

Internal and external client engagement.

Facilitation of face-to-face engagement.

Development of online, phone and mail based engagement.

Engagement approach in accordance with IAP2 principles.