Economic analysis is a decision making tool that can be applied to any scenario be it environmental or social, policy or infrastructure. It is a framework through which ideas, options and outcomes can be compared and contrasted. At Rhelm, we are dedicated to providing the right information and analysis to allow you to make the most informed decision. 

Rhelm is unique in its economic service. Our specialists all hold dual technical specialities in areas of engineering or science. This means that the analysis we provide is not merely an application of economic theory, but one that is founded in an understanding of the actual physical, ecological and social systems of relevance to the project at hand. 

Business Case Development

Rhelm recognises that there is more to decision making than a strong BCR and that sometimes the qualitative arguments for a project are just as important as the quantitative arguments. Our team will not just develop an economic model, but will develop the entire business case around your project. We understand the process behind project and program delivery and know how to demonstrate the need for a project, how this need can be addressed, and how we can be confident that the right governance structures are in place to deliver the project.

Economic modelling

Rhelm will prepare an economic model that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a rapid appraisal, a least cost analysis, feasibility assessment, cost benefit analysis or a more progressive equilibrium model, we can assist. We have a particular focus in establishing economic models to support:

Transport Infrastructure – We work closely with traffic modellers and cost estimators to ensure economics and traffic engineering are developed hand in hand.

Water Resources – Be it new water supply infrastructure or floodplain planning, we can assist.

Climate Change – Understanding and quantifying the cost of climate change is critical.

Coastal Management – Our coasts and estuaries are valuable and this needs to be recognised and qualified.

Land Development – commercial, residential, recreational.

Natural Resources – From early phase financial assurance through to decommissioning planning.

Decision making and Risk Management

Economic modelling is only one aspect of decision-making. Rhelm can help you develop evaluation and assessment systems that go beyond simple multi-criteria assessments or choosing the option with the highest BCR. From simple optimisations through to integrating economic results within broader ecological, traffic or GIS models, we strive to help our clients make decisions that consider more than simple dollar values. 

Project Assurance and Facilitation

Our team understands how projects come together, from start to finish. We know the documentation, structures and processes that need to be undertaken throughout the project. Without the right systems in place, no matter how strong the economic justification for a project, or how convincing the business case, projects will not get approval or funding. By helping our clients through this process, we ensure that all the "boxes are ticked" from project inception through to post completion review.