About Us

Consulting is nothing if not a broad term. For us it captures a spectrum of expertise including water engineering, environmental management, community and stakeholder engagement and economic advice.

Rhelm was established in 2017 through the coming together of its four directors, Louise Collier, Emma Maratea, Rhys Thomson and Leo Drynan. Bringing together high level expertise in water and coastal engineering, environmental management, environmental economics and engagement, they saw that they could provide a vast breadth of multi-disciplinary knowledge within a tightly knit team.


With its head office in Sydney, Rhelm continues to expand with offices in Melbourne, Adelaide and Newcastle. We provide services to clients from a local to international scale, working across Australia and the Asia - Pacific. As a specialist consultancy we are small enough to offer personalised service to all our clients, while also large enough to confidently deliver landmark infrastructure projects and policies. When Rhelm does a job for you, you can be confident that the person actually doing the work is a highly experienced professional.

We know our clients and we like our clients. For every job, we have four goals:

Easy to work with – We want to make working together a pleasure and as simple / stress free as possible. If this means working collaboratively with you in your office, we can do that. If it means remote working and daily progress reporting, we can do that too. Rhelm is flexible.

Efficient solutions – The strength of Rhelm is its thinking and problem solving. Bespoke solutions that make our clients’ lives simpler, that consider the process and implementation consequences, as well as the price, is what we want to do.

Eschew risk – Investing your time and money in a consultant should not be a risk. Our systems and procedures help manage the risk to our clients. But ultimately, it is our people that demonstrate why we are a low risk option.

Enjoy the challenge – We like the work we do and are passionate about it.